Under the registration services assists you in providing a hassle-free environment for registration of all kinds of documents in relation to Immovable property which includes procuring of stamp paper (Franking),Assistance at the Sub-Registrars Office etc

 Registration of Agreement to Sell:

 Registration of Agreement to Sell is for securing the rights of the buyer till the time the sale agreement is registered between the parties. provides for registration of the agreement to sell.

 Registration of sale deed provides Registration of sale deed

 Registration of Mortgage provides Registration of Mortgage

 Registration of Lease Deed: provides Registration of Lease Deed.


Property Hunt:

We are actively involved in property dealings,

Purchasing and selling the property as per customer needs-at best prices:

At we provide assistance to our clients in purchasing and selling the property as per their needs and requirements. The best property made available at best price at


Dealings in all kinds of properties such as:


  •  Residential - Flat, Studio Apartment ,Villa, Bungalow.etc...
  •  Commercial-Showroom,Office Space,Shop,Land,Building etc...
  •  Agriculture-Land,Farm House etc...
  • Industrial-Plot in SEZ,FTZ,EHTP,EOU,etc...


Valuation of Property


We provide Valuation services:


Valuation of Property For purpose of Sale


Whenever seller want to sell a property he is interested in knowing the value of the property so that he doesnot endup getting a consideration which is less than actual value of the property.The valuation of the property is done by experts and is done on the basis of current market price ,location of property etc...


Valuation of Property For purpose of Bank


Whenever any person approaches the bank or financial institution for financial assistance/aid, the banks and financial institution ask for security to secure the repayment of the principal amount along with the interest thereon.Immovable property is highly accepted security. The bank and financial institutions are interested to know the valuation of property kept as security. Usually the value of security kept by banks and financial institutions is more than the financial assistance granted by them.


Deeds and Documents:


Under deeds and documentation services provides for draft in all kinds of deeds and documents:


Agreement to Sell

A contract between two parties in which one agrees to sell something to the other at a date in the future.In an agreement to sell ,the transfer of the property is to take place at the future time or subject to some condition to be fulfilled thereafter .At the time of contract the property doesnot pass ,but the buyer acquires the right in personam to the transfer of the property upon the happening of an event or fulfillment of conditions.Under an agreement to sell the seller remains the owner until the agreement to sell becomes a sale. It us an executor contract.


Sale Deed


In the contract of sale property is transferred from seller to the buyer at the time of execution of sale deed .Its effect is to transfer to the buyer forthwith a right in rem - the property in goods .Under a sale the buyer becomes the owner forthwith

 Lease Deed

To make such a contract there must be a lessor able to grant the property ,a lessee capable of accepting the grant and a subject-matter capable of being granted .A document under which landlord and tenant set forth thr rights and obligations of each party with respect to an apartment ,rental unit or other real property owned by the landlord and used by the tenant.


Mortgage Deed:



The transfer of title of real estate which is made to secure the performance of some act, such as payment of money by the person making the transfer. Upon the performance of the act, the grantee agrees to convey the property back to person who has conveyed it to him. A legal mortgage of lands may be described to be a conveyance of lands,by debtors to his creditor,as a pledge and security for the repayment of sum of money borrowed, or performance of a convenant with a provision,that such conveyance shall be void on payment of the money and interest on a certain day,or the performance of such covenant by the time appointed ,by which the conveyance of the land becomes absolute at law ,yet the,mortgagor as an equity of redemption ,that is ,a right in equity on the performance of the agreement within a reasonable time,to call for a re-conveyance of the land.

 Release Deed

A release is the giving or discharging of a right of action which a man has or may claim against another or that which is his.A document ,in the form of a deed in which one who has limited rights to a piece of real estate (Usually a Mortgagee or Lien holder)abandons those rights back to the owner of real estate.

 Relinquishment  Deed:

A Relinquishment  Deed is for the purpose of surrendering the rights in a immovable property.

 Power of Attorney

A written document in which one person (the principal) appoints another person to act as an agent on his or her behalf,thus conferring authority on the agent to perform certain acts or functions on behalf of the principl.


The legal declaration of a person’s mind as to the manner in which he would have his property or estate disposed off after his death.It is written instrument ,legally executed,by which a man makes disposition of his estate to  take effect after his death.

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