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Ownership of the property was never easier and hassle-free.  &    offers Real Estate solution in Udupi, Manipal. Purchasing property made easier at  &   There are number of laws such as Transfer of Property Act,Land Revenue Act,Local Authority Act,Registration Act,Apartment Act,Government Approvals etc.which govern property dealings.Purchasing an Old Property of existing user demands a lot more than examination of  the details, doccument,title,etc. the property may be owned by number of owners.The seller doesnot possess a proper property title,the property is already sold or may be encumbered,the property may be subject to mortgage,Adverse Possession etc.It is difficult to any individual to look into all the isssue arising in deal of the property.  &   offers Solution to Real Estate Title search in Udupi,Manipal.

 Examination of property doccument is a complex process.Land records are generally in vernacular language and scattered over number of places.The part records may exit with number of authorities like Development Authorities,Urban Improvement Trust,Muncipality,Electricity Department,Water Supplt Department,Depatment of sub-Registrar,Depatment of land records etc.

 The title search plays prominent role in Land conversion,Zone change,single layout etc.A title search is performed when owner of the property and bank requires assurance of the transaction .Knowledge of the common man is limited in the property dealings,title search etc. We  &   take the hassle out of searching,preparing and registering the doccument while providing the fastest and most compititively priced quality services in the real estate industry. We excel in providing property search, drafting of deeds and doccument,registration etc -Making it a complete Real Estate Solution Organisation.

We generate viable solution to every problem and simplify the complications in the Real Estate Market. We perform title search and provide opinion to Real Estate Investors,Home owners etc.We partner with our customers to solve their problems and for Long term relationship.

We strive towards providing the best of efforts in finding solution,managing deals and above all converting faith into confidence for our customers.


Services Offered:


1.Bankruptcy Search:Includes repoting the Bankruptcy of the owner of the property.


2. Bail bond Lien: Properties are often used as collateral for bail bonds,for people other than property



3.Correction Deed: If an error existed on the prior deed, a correction deed can be used to rectify an error.


4.Chain of Doccument: Details of previous owners of property with chain doccument.


5.Civil Court Record Search:Report of Civil Court records found to be recorded against the land records

     of the property.                    


6.Child Support Lien Search: Searches for Lien of delinquent child support payment.


7. Default notice search; List defaults notices recorded for owners.


8.Details of Current Owner:Details like father name,age,address etc....


9.Deed Copy: The most recent deeds are made available duly certified.


10.Document Book and Page: Written location of document ,showing book and page or document number.


11.Equity Loan Search: Report of equity loans against property.


12.Foreclosure Search: Report of Foreclosure status,listing any pending litigation,notice of default etc.


13.Legal Description: Description of the property in legal parlance.


14.Levy on Property:Special taxes and Levy on property.


15.Leases: Recorded Leases can affect the ownership and use of property.


16.Muncipal Service Lien Search: Report of dues of unpaid muncipal services such as

      utilities,water,sewer,trash, etc...


17.Muncipal Assessed Value: In Metro's valuation is done by the Local Authority.


18.Mortgage Search: Details of Mortgage lender,amount of Mortgage and date.


19.Mortgage modification: The latest recorded modification are included.


20. Mortgage Release:The proof of release of Mortgage.


21.Ownership Structure: Report on ownership Structure,joint tenant,individual,corporate,tenants in

       common etc


22. Possession: Actual possession of the party.


23.Property Restriction: Reporting of Restriction on sale  like sale in case of minor etc..


24.Promisory Note: Personal Loans against the property owner are sometimes recorded against the



25.Partnership Agreement: Whether property is owned or contributed to any partnership firm.


26.Power of Attorney:This will show if the property owner has recorded an organised party to act on his

      behalf with regard to property transaction.


27.Plot/Survey Map:Copy of official Survey if recorded.


28.Property Easement Search:Shows easements,right of way etc


29.Property Zoning:Zone under which property is located like Ecological Zone,Flood Zone,Earthquake

       Zone,Volcanic Belt Zone.


30.Property Restriction: Reporting of restriction on sale like sale in case of minor etc.


31.Right of Way:Right of Way have been issued to allow use by another party.


32.Release in Lien: It is important to check liens to see if any have subsequently been released.


33.State Tax Search: Check for unpaid Sales Tax,Employment Taxes,State Licenses, etc.


34.Spousal Support Lien Search:Encumbrances for delinquencies of spousal support, alimony or other 

       court required payments.     


35.Special Assessment: Any Special Assessment of the property being conducted or pending by

        local authority.


36.Treasury Lien Search:Liens for unpaid tax payments.


37.Title Abstract Document:An official Abstract document is provided -not just a deep report.


38. Tax Payment Search:Details of tax payment in relation to property.


39. Tax Lien Search: Title search for tax lien encumbrances on the property.


40.Voluntary Lien:Liens which have been voluntarily put by the owners.


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